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This mold could be used in Manual tablet press machine,TDP-0,TDP-1.5    TDP-5   TDP-6

Rotary tablet press (ZP-5.ZP-7 ZP-9 ZP-10 ZP-12 ZP-15 ZP-19 ZP-23 ZP-29 ZP-33 Etc

Tablet press punches, die, tablet press tooling and tablet press mould

We apply the newest CAD/CAM technology and advanced heat treatment technology and scientific measuring means to machine various kinds of punch and die with high grade bearing steel for tool.


With years of machine experience, we can manufacture all kinds of shape of punch, mould, die, such as round, ellipse shape, olive shape, irregular shape, shallow arc, concave, with bevel edge, etc, and also can carve your logo on surface of tablet.


The tablet press die is mounted on the tablet press machine to produce kinds of pill, tablet, candy tablet, calcium tablet, camphor ball, chemical pesticide pills, catalyst, pottery and porcelain. 


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