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一、Equipment Main Features
1. With the German Siemens PLC programmable control, Willen brand touch screen, frequency control, the use of mechanical traction, traction any length adjusted within the range of the technical parameters, adjust travel convenient, saving a lot of time and packaging materials;
2. With heating thermostat and testing, large heated area, so that the mold is heated evenly;
3. Host overload, PVC and PTP packaging material level detection and alarm shutdown, equipment automatic fault diagnosis and alarm, automatic shutdown   protection, manual reset required to ensure safe operation and maintenance personnel;
4. The contact heating, positive pressure forming, air sealing male netted down;
5. The use of special processing and assembly process to ensure no easy road with aluminum foil running balance chattering, prompting the graphic on the version is more accurate and stable;
6.PVC bearing material components using large diameter PVC, the whole universal rails, additional equipment machine's usefulness;
7. All material contact parts are made of stainless steel and high-quality materials crafted, high-grade surface treatment, texture prominent;
8. With automatic winding mechanism waste, scrap collecting uniform, finished orderly output, the output port has been installed and the transport mechanism can provide the necessary conditions for the subsequent equipment and production;
9. one machine, can produce aluminum aluminum aluminum can also produce varieties;
10. The machine uses split connector design, easy to transport and into the elevator and workshop.
二、Main Technical Parameters
Cutting Frequency
Al/plastic:25-60times/min ;Al/Al:20-30 times/min
Production Capacity
Al/plastic:140thousand Grains/hour;
Al/Al: 7.5thousand Grains/hour
Max Forming Depth
Al/plastic:22mm        Al/Al:18mm
Travel Range
30-120 mm   made to order140 mm
Total Power
380V  50HZ   8.5KW
PVC Rigid Sheet
0.25-0.5×260 mm
Dialysis Paper
50-100g×260 mm
PTP Aluminum Foil
0.02-0.035 ×260 mm
Condensate(self)or cold circulating water(optional)
Overall Dimensions
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